The Facility

Shooters Edge is a state of the art Indoor Range and Training Center located in Piney Flats, Tennessee. Our convenient, central location is easy to find from any of the surrounding cities of Johnson City, Kingsport , Bristol and Elizabethton.  The facility is approximately 21,000 square feet in size. The building is divided into four main areas;  fifteen (15) fully contained shooting lanes, three (3) large classrooms, a retail sales area, and a member's lounge. 

Over the ear hearing protection and eye protection is required by everyone on the range at all times.  You may bring your own, or both are available for you to use, and are included in your lane rental fee. 

Shooting Lanes

The 15 shooting booths are 4 feet wide and bullet-proof to provide you the safest shooting environment.  The shooting lanes have special air handling equipment designed to meet or exceed all local, state and national air quality standards for the safety and health of our customers and our employees.  All of the shooting booths are handicapped accessible. 

Targeting System

The targeting system is automated with simple controls at each shooting booth to allow you to send and retrieve your target to the distances you chose.  You never go downrange, just your target moves.  This way, you stay safe in a bullet proof booth.  There is also a central control system operated by the Range Master which can control all of the targets simultaneously. This is for ease of use during open shooting or when a large group is shooting the same line of fire, as in competitions, leagues, police qualifications, etc.

Bullet Trap

The bullet trap is an open, 63 foot wide wet trap system.  This trap is absolutely state of the art.  It's main feature is a cascading wall of water that you will shoot into.  It is capable of handling all pistol, shotgun and rifle calibers, but we do not permit 50 caliber BMG or muzzle loaders.  Only slugs or 00Buck  permitted for shotguns, no bird shot (target loads) permitted.       


The three classrooms are large and comfortable (35 ft. x 20 ft.), and designed to accommodate 30+ students.  Each are equipped with quality audio / visual equipment.

Retail Sales Area

Memberships start
at only
$ 350
per year

Shooters Edge, LLC
413 Century Court 
Piney Flats, TN 37686 


Closed Monday

Tuesday - Saturday   
11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

1:00 PM - 6:00 PM